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Inbound Marketing

The Internet has profoundly transformed the way people communicate and interact with each other. This change has also dramatically affected the business world by altering the way people shop for products, both B2B and B2C. The online world imposes new conditions, in terms of scope, volume, immediacy,…, which makes an aggressive Inbound Marketing program is built around very specific functions:

  • Get to be found. It is about to create and optimize relevant content and promote it among our target audience. Using modern marketing techniques (SEO, SEM,,,,) is essential to helping any business grow today, by helping you generate more website visitors.  This part is the “pre-click” phase.
  • Convert Visitors to Leads. Once you are generating more traffic through SEO and blogging, you need to capture the information of your visitors to start a consistent and relevant dialog, regardless of their timing to buy. This represents the “post-click” phase.
  • Analyze the activity on their site to optimize online marketing efforts. Marketing is all about measurement and optimizing your activities based on the previous results. Tracking visitors, leads, and sales against your schedule of marketing activities shows you the effectiveness of each activity