Inbound Outbound Marketing Services



"In essence, we become a part of your inside sales team. We are committed to the long-term proposition that digging for leads, educating prospects, improving your return on investment and developing a long-term relationship with you".

Lead generation is not about instant gratification, but rather requires sustained effort to succeed, often over a relatively long period of time. Key words are consistency and time.

Companies do not buy, people do. The goal of well-developed lead generation process, therefore, is to evolve relationships between people through dialogue that positions the lead generation effort as conversation to identify, initiate and nurture productive selling situations.

As an example, our approach to a demand generation and lead management project based on one of our Outbound Marketing services includes,

  • Understand your goals
  • Listen to your needs
  • Develop a strategy for B2B lead generation
  • Customize your project
  • Manage your campaign by focusing on performance metrics

Customize your project: We plan with you to identify the target results you want to achieve then; we completely customize your project to meet your needs. The customization process includes the following:

Identify your Ideal Customer Profile The ideal customer profile uses the unique attributes of prime customers to help prescreen potential opportunities. The goal of the ideal customer profile is to focus
on prospective companies with the greatest likelihood of becoming profitable customers.

Create a “target contact” profile by identifying decision makers and key influencers.

Develop your script. We partner with your marketing/commercial team to develop an effective, powerful, attention generating script after reviewing your value proposition, benefits, key
differentiators, specific offering and previous scripts. The script development is an interactive process. We do not move forward until you approve the script.

Identify the most common objections.

Identify the five most effective rebuttals to those objections.

Quality Assurance. We dedicate a Project Manager to your account for the purpose of meeting or exceeding your expectations in terms of results. Once your project is launched, the Project Manager will talk with you on a regular basis to exchange information in order to accelerate ramp up and climb the learning curve rapidly.

Reports and Analytics. We will provide reports of the most important metrics for you in order to get a clear knowledge about the results of the project.